One week and definitely not counting

It dawned on me on Monday that this is the first time since 1997 when I was travelling around Africa for 4 months that I am unemployed, have next to no responsibilities, don’t own any businesses and am basically free to do what I want… FAAAAAARK!! seriously it’s a fairly scary feeling… but I’m getting over the anxiety pretty fast!

So, in the last 4 days I have skateboarded twice, ridden my mountain bike a couple of times, have squeezed in a surf, 2 social lunches, a breakfast with Brento and a dinner with Luciana’s friend’s last night and it’s only Thursday morning. I’ve also been ridiculously busy preparing for our trip!

The 4WD is looking more and more like a house every day. So far we have a dual battery system, a fridge, drawers, a UHF radio, table, chairs, cooking stuff, auxiliary lights and as I write this am waiting for the “Piece de resistance” – our Columbus Variant Auto Home Italian tent! A second hand purchase that should be arriving by truck this afternoon.

Off for a swim… will try and get some pics later!

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  1. Fabi

    Hi, how are you?
    I´m Luciana´s friend from Brasil, and I really like reading about your trip.
    Send kisses to her and take care her ok?

    Luluzinha da minha vidaaaaaaaa
    Que saudades de vc amiga!!! Que delicia de viagem… Nem deve mais lembrar da nossa trip na Tailandia e Bali rsss.
    Eu chegeui ontem de Cuba e foi Fantastico tambem…
    Vou continuar lendo o blog de vocês, muita saudade demais da conta

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