A family Reunion in Lake Como


Nothing like a good wedding to bring the family together – having reentered the realms of family living slowly by first spending a few days with Agatha & JB, the three of us boarded an EasyJet flight from Rome to Milan where Mum and Dad were waiting for us with open arms.

A great reunion and an exciting time for all as we shared countless stories – Mum & Dad had spent 3 weeks in Poland and driven from Poland, through Germany, France, Switzerland and onto Italy – visiting friends and family along the mammoth 7,000 km journey – whereas we had tales of sailing, inebriated fun and occasional cultural experiences.


We had all booked a house in a small town called Argegno and were staying there with our cousins Nina & Stephi and my auntie and uncle – Gianni & Monica – it was the first time we were all together since 2006 and everyone was excited about a week of family fun!

As it turned out we had a couple of hours to spare before we could get into the house, so we decided to do what us Gorazdowski’s tend to be good at – have an afternoon drink!

Mum looking particularly pleased at the sight of the 3litre bottle of wine!

ehhh… whata you takena photo ofa me fora?

The small “piazetta” in Argegno, ‘our’ village for the week.
Kicking off proceedings with a family BBQ – Nina and Gavin missing in action IMG_1869
The view from the balcony under a full moon – first night’s sleep on land in over 5 months – I woke up 3 times to check on the boat!!

As the vino evaporated, papa G set the trend – time for bed!
The next morning the bride to be used all her resources to organise some last minute things for the wedding – seen here facing MACa – praying to the computer gods – please let me steal next door neighbour’s wi-fi!

Whereas the rest of us went about addressing our own needs!

AG&JB cruising the streets of Argegno.

IMG_1890 IMG_1894
JB, Dad, Mum & Sis

IMG_1896 IMG_1898
Happy Days!


In the infamous words of my dear old brother Michael Spiro,”…we are living the lifestyles of the the rich and famous, on a budget of the poor and who gives a f#%&!!” Seen here on the grounds of Villa d’Este – getting a ride across the lake to another incredible Villa for sunset drinks and dinner – a great night!

The girls ready to go!

Uncle Gianni – contemplating some time aboard Squander I hear??!

That whole Italian thing of talking with your hands is catching!

Nina & Agatha – partners in crime from way back!

Never too far away from a boat or two it seems!

A lake como sunset with family and friends!
Pali our great host and all around good guy – thank you for an evening to remember!
The dinner table had to be elongated beyond the gazebo to accommodate all 25 of us! Lake Como looking South towards Como.IMG_1946
The next day we went about doing some sightseeing, including checking out the wedding venue above – Villa del Balbianello in all its glory!

The marina town of Lenno.


IMG_1968 IMG_1983
Streets of Bellagio town – great lunch stop!

Agatha, Monica and Mum – taking a break from folding napkins! IMG_2001
And before we knew it, the big day had come. I had a small hiccup when  I went to check out the suit that mum had carried all the way from Australia for me – as it turns out there was a mixup and Mum & Dad had lugged one of Dad’s old suits around half the planet whilst mine sat happily back at home in Australia – with 18 hours left before the wedding, i managed to get myself down to the local D&G retailer and pick up a last minute suit, tailored and all – a nice souvenir from Italy!

IMG_2002 IMG_2004
Papa G has his readings in hand.
Bride running late??? Even the organ player was wondering if the bride would turn up!??
and she finally did – much to ol Rich’s delight!
You’re mine now baby!!
Business end of the proceedings!  IMG_2031
Nina looking to the skies – please lord make my husband stop singing!
Mr & Mrs – congratulations guys!
And we suspect the page boy was relieved the wedding was over – looks like he had plans for his saturday night – dressed and ready to run!

IMG_2038 IMG_2040 IMG_2042
The risotto was flying!

IMG_2048 IMG_2058 IMG_2060 IMG_2061
Senior Gorazdowski trying his luck at the Italianismo

Time to get the party started!

IMG_2111 IMG_2126 IMG_2127
The newly weds arrive in style!
IMG_2133 IMG_2135 IMG_2139

IMG_2770 IMG_2178

Post wedding recovery at the ‘beach’ – hanging out with Stef & Nina

IMG_2806 IMG_2785

and so it was that we wrapped up a great week together. Ag & JB flew back to Paris, Monica & Gianni back to London, Nina & Rich took off on their honeymoon whereas Mum, Dad, Stef & I drove back to Rome.

Many adventures followed as we went about exploring southern Italy – but we’ll save that for the next blog.

Time to weigh anchor and sail to Lipari Island.

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  1. Carol & Paul Cook

    Beautiful wedding and so nice to see pictures of your family. Carol & Paul

  2. filippo

    these pictures almost made me weep like a little boy buahahah , ok maybe not, but it did remind me of my life in Turin, Italy 10 years ago…thanks for the nostalgia and flashbacks.
    send my the best regards (pozdrowienia) to your mum, dad, + sister. good to see them enjoying some of the journey with you.
    Gav, tell me if you are making a sailing leg towards australia, i think i would like to come onboard…

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