Xmas and a flat battery…

Christmas has come and gone and what a great success it was. The whole xmas crew enjoyed themselves, food, drink, sunshine and presents a plenty!!

Had a fairly restless sleep last night… actually thinking about work, and solving website hosting issues in my head. how loong will these last for? still get the odd pang of anxiety-like sensations about having to return to work soon, only to remind myself that in fact I don’t!

Funny thing happened yesterday, my watch battery went flat, it’s worked faultlessly for years and it’s an interesting time to stop. Maybe I should’n’t get it replaced and dump the watch for a few weeks to see if I miss it?

The surf has been pretty disappointing to date, but it’s given us a perfect opportunity to
stuff around, get the longboards out and get into the Xmas spirit with the girls! Gidget would be proud!!

Wishing you ALL a fantastic Xmas and a happy new year!!

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  1. Michael Spiro

    This is a great way to keep up-to-date with your travels; however me thinks there will be too many stories for two pixel pushing monkey lovers to consistently tell all via a blog…invariably some stories will slip through the time travel gaps at which point update calls will fill in the blanks.

    Christmas looked like a blast (as was ours)… a memorable one indeed. Say hi to Cheeky Johnston from all of us.

    Buckle up, enjoy the ride and speak soon (NYE fur sure),



  2. julien bertin

    Hi Gavin,
    I love your blog.
    can you teach us lessons ?
    All the best for the first official night in the new home on wheels….
    PS: stop thinking about websites at night, your girlfriend might think you are a weird geek…

  3. Pri

    Hei… good idea your blog… now I can enjoy a little bit the trip with you guys…
    Gaven, look after my friend ok???hahaha
    I wish you guys a wonderful time!! Enjoy everything and your selves!!!
    A big hug

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