Who broke my vegemite!?

Ten days ago I flew out of Sydney - destination "dream realisation!" I've had this idea to sail around the world for a while now, in fact I tried to work out when and how I first got this idea and haven't been able to crack it - the earliest confirmed mention of this was when I was 19... but I'm guessing it would have been born much earlier than that. Either way, it feels quite incredible to be on the eve of beginning to fulfill a…

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Hitch hiking across the Atlantic

Despite the best laid plans, research and determination to make this a smooth trip, it didn't quite work out according to plan and all I can say is... thank god for that!! The trip across the Atlantic ended up including 5 countries, two yachts, 2 quick plane trips and a multitude of great people that I wouldn't have met had it all gone according to the original plans. The research commenced back in March 2009, when I joined Crewseekers and findacrew in order to find yachts that…

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Where’s our boat?

Having survived our budget flights and arrived in one piece in Southern Turkey, we soon settled into the relaxed pace of Gocek. We met up with Agatha & Julien in the afternoon & night one had us chowing down on local specialties under a balmy starry night at the seaside "Kebab Hospital". Washing down the tasty fresh food with cold Efes (the local beer) and Raki. The girls took a few notes off the menu and it was decided that we would stock the boat with Turkish…

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Tapping into Vanuatu

It was fun coming back to Port Vila again and showing Luciana around. Interesting when you come back to a foreign place for a second time, it's happened to me quite a few times over the years, I instantly feel like a local??! This was particularly so this time around as the Nivan people are very friendly and welcoming. They come to life when they see a familiar face and go out of their way to welcome you back. I introduced Luciana to Willie the security guard…

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