I can have toast again!

After a great Easter weekend, the week has kicked off with a longer then expected list of things to fix - I guess this is probably the beginning of a long chapter called "The things they don't tell you about sailing" - it's definitely the standout bit of feedback from cruisers (people who live aboard their yacht for extended periods of time cruising from place to place) - you do a lot more maintenance and fixing then you ever imagined! Back to the fun stuff - the…

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Who broke my vegemite!?

Ten days ago I flew out of Sydney - destination "dream realisation!" I've had this idea to sail around the world for a while now, in fact I tried to work out when and how I first got this idea and haven't been able to crack it - the earliest confirmed mention of this was when I was 19... but I'm guessing it would have been born much earlier than that. Either way, it feels quite incredible to be on the eve of beginning to fulfill a…

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