Return to Blue Lagoon – the Fijian adventure continues.

One of the countless things I have loved about this journey, is the rich array of crew that have made Squander home... The 25 or so Squanderers (defined as having spent at least 1 week sailing on Squander) have hailed from Australia, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, Poland, England, America, France, Iran and Argentina. Whether they stayed 2 weeks or 14 months, each crew member has added an extra stitch or two to the complex fabric that we have weaved since starting our journey in early 2010..  Food…

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Bula… Fiji turns it on!

As we approach the 1 month anniversary of our arrival in Fiji, I find myself seriously wondering if life is in fact fair? the fun times have not stopped, and despite a few reality checks here and there, we have been blessed with rewarding experiences at every turn.... so if life is fair, how will we be expected to repay all of this good fortune?.... for now we've put that question to the back of our minds, and are concentrating on enjoying Fiji - possibly the most…

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