The 2010 Atlantic crossing – 12 Short stories.

In an effort to give as varied a perspective as possible, I suggested to team SAGA (Simon, Agatha, Gavin & Andy) that we each set a topic for each other and with 3 topics each we will come up with 12 short stories from our individual perspectives. The idea was embraced wholeheartedly both in terms of setting varied topics and in writing detailed accounts of what we experienced. Here are the topics by Author, in alphabetical order. Agatha's Stories Crossing an ocean - the expected and the…

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Iridium 9505a installation on Windows 7

On Squander we use the great services of Global Satellite for all of our Iridium needs - Speak or email Martin Firestone (¬†and mention SQUANDER. =================================================================== I recently upgraded my PC to a windows 7 installation and went about finding drivers for the phone and trying to install the modem. My recommended solution for those having the same issues is as follows: 1. Download the Satellite phone installer from mailasail (you do not have to be a mailasail customer) 2. Run the installer 3. Go to…

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Ready, steady, go…almost, wait, oops, yes… we’re leaving!

What a week or is two weeks since I last wrote... The crew have arrived safe and sound and have gotten straight into living life aboard Squander. It's been one of those weeks where a lot of big jobs got done quickly and many quick jobs took a looooong time! The trusty Jeep has clocked up some miles running around town getting everything from new kiteboarding equipment for Dmitrij to essentials like rum and beer for all of us! Vacuum sealing the sirloin steaks. Squander looks tiny…

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