Crossing the Panama Canal

There's a really curious side of sailing that may not be immediately obvious to people outside the cruising community. In our little sailing world, word of mouth is everything - where to anchor, where to eat, which marina is good, how much is diesel in the next port, did you hear about that Japanese boat that exited the Panama canal backwards, don't miss the so and so - the list goes on. The interesting thing that I have noticed is that in face to face conversations the…

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1000 miles to Bermuda

Leaving Nassau wasn't as easy as we thought. The generosity and hospitality of our new Bahamain friends was second to none and it seems that the Weather gods conspired to keep us there for one more night - which turned out to be a brilliant way to say goodbye to the Bahamas - with a home cooked feast at Geoffrey & Rosa's house, with the whole family coming over to say hello - a beautiful baked hog fish, home made coleslaw, banana fritters (whose name we cannot…

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Who broke my vegemite!?

Ten days ago I flew out of Sydney - destination "dream realisation!" I've had this idea to sail around the world for a while now, in fact I tried to work out when and how I first got this idea and haven't been able to crack it - the earliest confirmed mention of this was when I was 19... but I'm guessing it would have been born much earlier than that. Either way, it feels quite incredible to be on the eve of beginning to fulfill a…

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