Living la dolce vita – a slow sail south from Rome.

After a memorable week of Villas, lakes and family fun in lake Como - it was equally great to be back by the seaside again and back on Squander. To make things even better mum & dad were staying with me onboard in Rome for a few days and then driving down to Vietri sul mare to visit their friends where they would again jump onboard for a week. Back on Squander! Aaron, an old mate from Sydney, has been living in Rome for the past 4…

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A family Reunion in Lake Como

Nothing like a good wedding to bring the family together - having reentered the realms of family living slowly by first spending a few days with Agatha & JB, the three of us boarded an EasyJet flight from Rome to Milan where Mum and Dad were waiting for us with open arms. A great reunion and an exciting time for all as we shared countless stories - Mum & Dad had spent 3 weeks in Poland and driven from Poland, through Germany, France, Switzerland and onto Italy…

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Sailing to Rome via Bonifacio Strait

Goodbye Ibiza... we woke up later then planned in Cala Llonga and pointed Squander North East, aiming at northern Sardegna (Sardinia) via Mallorca. We had a tight weather window that would allow us to get to Mallorca in one day where we would hide from the bad weather that was forecast to hit the area the following evening. From there we would pick the next good weather window, scrape past Menorca and continue sailing through the night onto Sardegna. We've been watching the storms that roll down…

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