Iridium 9505a installation on Windows 7

On Squander we use the great services of Global Satellite for all of our Iridium needs - Speak or email Martin Firestone ( and mention SQUANDER. =================================================================== I recently upgraded my PC to a windows 7 installation and went about finding drivers for the phone and trying to install the modem. My recommended solution for those having the same issues is as follows: 1. Download the Satellite phone installer from mailasail (you do not have to be a mailasail customer) 2. Run the installer 3. Go to…

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Setting up a travel computer – Free apps most of the way

I recently took an old 12 inch laptop and re-built it as a travel computer.  It was a fairly easy thing to do and after looking around online, I managed to get lots of very useful software for Free. I'm sure there are other software applications that I missed so feel free to recommend some if you know of any via the comments field. On a side note I'm still considering buying one of the new 10" Acer Netbooks for Luciana. GIMP Basically a FREE photoshop -…

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