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Floor baby, walls & roof…

It was both exciting and slightly daunting returning to the construction site after a well deserved 3 weeks off over Xmas. We were due to restart on 12th of January… although I still hadn’t locked anybody in to help me as the two carpenters I was speaking with were both being non committal – by the 7th of January both had given me a definitive no, as they had picked up bigger jobs… it wasn’t ideal, but things happen for a reason.

I decided to put the floor framing out to tender on – as a labour only, quick turn around  job. Our daughter was due to be born on the 17th of Jan, so I didn’t have much time to get organised… 😉

IMG_2209 IMG_2212

I bought the timber and simultaneously interviewed a bunch of potential builders. One instantly stood out and was ready to start. IMG_2216

The site was looking nice and clean and ready to roll for 2014 – luckily our daughter was politely late


Harry and the boys got stuck into it – I gave them a quick run down of what’s what and warned them that I may need to disappear at any minute. IMG_2225

As it turned out, I spent a day on site before Jose went into labour…. IMG_2228

Harry supervising… I needed to go…. IMG_2387

By the time I returned 5 days later, not only was I a father, but the floor framing was done!!


I managed to narrow down my search for a builder/carpenter to take on the next phase, and had Steve locked in to start the following week… in the meantime I called Simon in to tackle the back wall.      IMG_2457

We got stuck into it and within 3 days managed to cart 30-40 wheel barrows of bricks and sand from the back of the property to the front and load them onto trucks – a mission and a half, but a good feeling to have it done!



We deciphered the engineering drawings and managed to build the required trench and reinforcements for the footings.  IMG_2496

Keeping the concrete industry alive! IMG_2497 IMG_2499

One fence footing done!


Simon took off for another job, whilst I got stuck into building the back wall.  IMG_2505

Taking delivery of the flooring – we’ve been getting pretty creative with unloading.


Flooring ready to go.


Next it was my time to get the 9metre long steel beam in – I measured and specified this myself – drew it up in 3D and had it manufactured and hot dip galvanised = in short I was prepared for a disaster…

beam dimensions01
The guys at edcon managed to follow my drawings!


Steve instantly contributed his experience, and we slipped the truckie a six pack to get some more creative unloading going on.

Beam is half in… now to slide the remaining 5 metres in!

Steve knocked up some platforms that we installed on some hefty skateboards, and all 400 KGS of steel was suddenly gliding into the house (although it was far from being "in place")


The next day we hired a couple of genie lifts from kennards IMG_2532

OK. so we have 400 kilograms of Steel suspended 3 metres in the air and we have to rotate it 90 degrees, lower it 700 mm and shift it 220 millimetres to the left – easy!! IMG_2541

rotation complete!! IMG_2542

You know things are getting tricky when old sailing ropes get introduced into the mix!
I’ve since found out, leaving more then 3mm tolerance is a GOOD idea – luckily all of the measurements were on the money!


Steel beam in place – seems trivial now, but felt like a huge milestone at the time –


the galvanising alone is a 3 week lead time, so if the beam didn’t fit, it would have seriously slowed us down!  IMG_2549

With the floors in place, Steve suggested we build the stairs.


Some crafty work…


And voila! IMG_2591

meanwhile I tackled the remainder of the southern wall IMG_2592

And Steve  got the drop saw setup for building the remainder of the framework! IMG_2596

Foam is up, now we just need to fill it with concrete without any explosions!!   IMG_2601

Puzzle ready to go…. IMG_2602

and wall 1 is ready to go up IMG_2609 IMG_2610

View from the front IMG_2615

I managed to find another 4 tonnes of dirt out the back that I needed to get rid of.


More timber arrives IMG_2618

lunching in style!


Parking a concrete boom pump in the house… IMG_2638

and trying to reach the back wall IMG_2643

A reducer, and an extension hose and we were there! IMG_2649

… and the wall blew out… luckily I had my dad and Steve on hand to help brace it and we collectively managed to save the day! IMG_2652

Everyone relieved that that was over!!


With the southern wall now full of concrete, we could install the beams. IMG_2662

Window lintels and cross beams in place! IMG_2665

I rang the boys form REES Electrical and they started roughing in power into the house…

Mains power ready to go.


Meanwhile Steve was cracking on upstairs… IMG_2674

Reaching for the skies IMG_2676

All happening – Tim Frawley plumbing on site with all of their kit, roughing in water and gas.


Lots of chasing going on. IMG_2683

And Steve making good use of the dry weather! IMG_2686

another $4000 of timber delivered – this time for the roof. IMG_2695

Gas and water connected to the underground pipes we ran under the slab 4 months ago!  IMG_2707

First floor taking shape IMG_2711

ready for the roof framing.


Internal walls all but done…



Happy with the day’s work!   IMG_2815

Some funky cantilevered string line placement for the ridge beam


A selfie…. delirium setting in!  IMG_2824

Production moves up a level   IMG_2870

starting to take shape! IMG_2922

Gas for the fireplace going in IMG_2924

and the sparkies are at it again! IMG_2926  IMG_2928

Managed to get a start on the roof…. just before… IMG_2931

the rain…. nooooo!! IMG_2932

Spot the leak    IMG_2947 IMG_2948   IMG_2960 IMG_2962

and with everything progressing…. we had a site visit from the ladies of the house! IMG_2965

Our daughter Indi, is already 2 months old… time is flying – she seems reasonably happy with her bedroom!


and as we go to press… the scaffolders are starting to put up scaffolding around the house – render, roof, gutters and more insulation!

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  1. filip

    love seeing this grow, and how quickly Indi has grown is amazing.
    this whole blog site reminds me of how much one man can do. keep up the passion Gav, all the best.

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