2008 Toyota Prado – what a “Little Monster”

Luciana affectionately named the Prado "Little Monster". During our 7000 Km trip around South Easter Australia, The Prado was our bedroom, kitchen, storage, workshop, power station, water supply and ultimately our best friend. out of the 7000 Kms covered, approx 2500 kms was off-road, ranging from hard packed, grated roads through to driving on soft sand dunes, with tires down to 16 PSI and praying that we won't get stuck. Our Little Monster Toyota Prado was up to everything we asked of it and we could not…

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One week and definitely not counting

It dawned on me on Monday that this is the first time since 1997 when I was travelling around Africa for 4 months that I am unemployed, have next to no responsibilities, don't own any businesses and am basically free to do what I want... FAAAAAARK!! seriously it's a fairly scary feeling... but I'm getting over the anxiety pretty fast! So, in the last 4 days I have skateboarded twice, ridden my mountain bike a couple of times, have squeezed in a surf, 2 social lunches, a…

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