Discovering the San Blas islands in the Kuna Yala – Panama

We were meant to be across the Panama Canal by now and on our way to the Galapagos islands, but I couldn't be happier with our decision to extend our stay in the corner where Central America meets South America. We left Colombia with big smiles on our faces after a whirlwind 10 or so days there and were planning on stopping in the San Blas islands for a few days.... we ended up spending almost another 10 days in the San Blas and could easily have…

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Colombia – we love you!

I initially considered a stop in Colombia a long time ago when planning the overall trip from Italy to Australia. I hadn't given it much more thought untilĀ  some months later, when Andy came onboard and mentioned that he had heard the Carnaval in Barranquilla is meant to be one of the best in South America, second to Rio de Janeiro... That sounded like a good reason to go, and the more we researched it and the more we spoke to people along the way, the more…

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Martinique to Bonaire – maintenance, kiting and Scuba diving!

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As the one year anniversary of moving on Squander draws near, I have found myself reflecting a lot on the trip that has been, the lifestyle that we continue to lead and the challenges that face us in crossing the biggest of all oceans - The Pacific. As I start writing this, we are less then 500 miles from Panama - we have an agent organised who will hopefully speed our paperwork through, lend us the necessary 125 foot long, 50mm thick lines that we will use…

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